Things to learn before Patara Holiday and Cultural Trip

Why Patra is called the capital of Lycian

Patara Ancient City is located in between Fethiye-Kalkan Village, at the southwestern end of the Xanthos Valley, and is one of the most important and oldest town of Lycia. Also has a special importance as it is one of the rare beaches where Mediterranean turtles Caretta-Carettas have laid their eggs for millions of years.

History of Patara Ancient City:

In the Hittite history of 13th century BC, the name of the city is mentioned as Patar. While the ceramic fragments uncovered in the Tepecik Acropolis include Middle Bronze Age features, the stone ax of the Pre-Iron Age unearthed on the eastern slope of Tepecik shows how ancient Patara was.

Patara, which is famous as an important prophecy center of Apollo, is also a port where cereals transported from Anatolia to Rome. The city, which continued its importance in the Byzantine Period, was an important center for Christians. Called “Santa Claus”, Saint Nicholaos is from Patara. Also St. Paul boarded the ship from Patara to go to Rome. Patara has reached today as an important center with the arrival of the Turks.

Why Patara holiday and cultural trip is so famous?

Since Patara Ancient City is so important in terms of history, while having the cultural trip by exploring ruins in Patara Ancient City visitors may also enjoy the 13 km long beach and the famous sand dunes, a very unique Mud Bath which good health and your skin. Patara is not the only place during you culturel trip you may also visit neighbour towns like Tlos Ancient City and Saklikent Canyon.