Kaz Dağlar, is the mountain chain that is the second place with the highest oxygen ratio not only in Turkey but also on the World. In the region forest is so gigantic that settlement areas are sticked each other so much. Kaz Dağlar, with the name of IDA from ancient times, is one of the most famous mountain in the world. In Iliad of Homeros, IDA mountain is passing as the mother of wild animals. According to the legend, Zeus was born in here, the most famous beauty contest , which Hera, Atena and Aphrodite were participated in, was arranged on that mountain. Gods watched the Trojan War from here. There are other legends for this mountain from Turkish folk like Hasan Drowned, Yellow Girl. Famous writer Sabahattin Ali wrote a story for these legends.

With full of pines that are green in all seasons and head spinning nature, tourists from all over the world are visiting Kaz Dağlar. There are so many accommodation option also like hotels, boutique hotels and bungalows. There are going to be streams flowing are you when you woke up from your nap and you are going the breath world’s second most fresh and oxygen-ample air to your lungs. Your lungs are going to be grateful to you. Romanticism doesn’t mean holidays sea side or islands.

Take your wife here and while traveling around the forest seat her on to a largish stone and start to tell about the contest that were done centuries ago. “There are gods of Olympus over here and they were arguing about who is the most beautiful woman on the world. They were nearly tangle with each other. If you were there with those 3 woman for the sake of whom Trojan War started, would be pase besides you and there is goingt to be no argue about who is the most beautiful woman. You were going to be selected by unanimous vote.” And get the kiss from your wife.