There are so many people cares about their privacy even though they are in holiday or they want to take a load off their mind. For those kind of people planning an holiday most of the time becomes a nightmare. Either they cannot find enough privacy in fancy accommodation or when they find the right place for enough privacy, the place evoke the feeling of jail with the side walls or curtains turned over to cut the eye contact of foreigners.

So not be stay between the devil and deep blue sea, there are luxury villas in especially Antalya,Turkey. Kaş and Kalkan are cities with their unforgettable landcape and hills reaching to sea. These hills give them a perfect advantage. Stair like housings gives you the desired privacy and besides to this you are going to feel the sea under your feet. Blue bay for example is such a wonderful destination for you that where ever you go in your life you are not going to forget here. Voyage elegante luxury boutique hotel tourism travel company offers you a holiday with sculptures from renaissance, a seductive panorama from your bedroom and an infinity pool like the extention of the sea only designed for your comfort.

Private luxury villas doesn’t mean that you are going to only sit on your room or swim in the pool, watching heaven from far away doesn’t make you satisfied or happy. When you see such a landscape you are going to dive it from these hills and we are offering you such a proposal with taking you from your villas and travelling you from the most secret bays of Mediterranean with the same privacy policy. In the world there is not a place like Kaş and Kalkan with so much beauty and with such a privacy.