Aesthetic Standards in Turkey

Turkish Government has various projects to ensure the quality control upon Aesthetic and health activities. To encourage the exchange of information both within the country and internationally in order to maintain the high level of scientific level in the subjects covered by the Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialization branch and to move forward.

Aesthetic workshops by the governments are working harder to ensures that the standards of upbringing are at an international level so that Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons can become exemplary experts and educators for future generations.

Why Choosing Istanbul Health and Aesthetic Tourism

Most of the plastic surgeons and the new generation are attending important congresses abroad to have a scientific international level.

Istanbul health and aesthetic tourism serves patients in a wide range. Unlike many surgical branches, the department acts with the mission of correcting and improving the function and appearance at the same time.

What Istanbul Health and Aesthetic Tourism Offers

Under Istanbul Health and Aesthetic Tourism most of the tourists are preferring the following health activities because the best results reputation:

Nose aesthetics, Eyelid aesthetics, Face rejuvenation with oil injection, Hollywood cheek, Prominent Ear Surgery, Dimple made, Face and neck stretching, Breast reduction, Breast augmentation, Breast lift, Breast augmentation and erection, Breast construction after cancer surgery, Gynecologist surgery, Abdominal stretching, Arm stretching, Leg stretching, Body shaping after weight loss, Genital aesthetics and Filling and botox applications.

Process of Istanbul Health Aesthetic Tourism

As a first step the health tourism firm arrange the necessary flight program for the patients according to their stay of treatment.

If patients need to stay at the hotel before or during the treatment period, hotel reservations are made at their discretion. There are hotel alternatives in line with the patients’ budgets.

The patients are transferred by the translators to the hotel or hospital where they will be met at the airport, and when the treatment of the patient is completed, the patient is accompanied by an interpreter from the hotel to the airport.

The patient is transferred from the airport to the hospital with a special ambulance, according to the patient’s vital risk.

Treatments are carried out by doctors who are experts in the field of medical technology.

Patients do not experience communication difficulties thanks to translators who can speak the same language with the patient working in our company.

All formal procedures of the patient, whose treatment has ended, are completed and transferred to the airport accompanied by an interpreter.

After patients return to their country, they can always contact our Health tourism department for post-treatment checks.