What makes Bozburun so Special?

Bozburun is one of the hidden treasures of the Aegean sea, is a cute holiday village located within the borders of Marmaris. Bozburun is one of the favorite addresses of those seeking peace and quiet, amazes those who see it with its unique types of rocks, clean air, and unspoiled nature.

Bozburun is where only 2000 people live, is a shelter for those who want to get away from the chaos of city life and purify their body from traffic noise and stress.

Bozburun is one of Turkey’s oldest residential city dating back four thousand years. The people living in Bozburun, which was called Larymna in 2000 BC by the people of Karia.

Activities during Holidays in Bozburun

Shopping in Bozburun

There are some must to do activities during holidays in Bozburun for example, you can sail with wooden gullets, you may accommodate in small pensions at affordable prices, you may visit city bazaar where you can buy local herbs, oils and soaps such, cedar tree oil, hand made clothes, hand made sleepers, magnets and cultural gifts at very cheap price.

Hiking in Bozburun Yarimadasi

Bozburun Yarımadasi is also one of the most ideal routes for nature hikers. Bozburun Yarınadasi, which is an Island that is far from the eyes and quite difficult to reach, is one of the indispensable points of nature lovers who enjoy a distinct pleasure from exploring. Old roads and paths were cleared so that you can easily see the Greek islands Symi and Rhodes. Whether trekking or a peaceful holiday on the Bozburun Island, which offers quite fascinating views.

Visiting Taşlıca Village

Marmaris Taslica Village, whose natural beauty is intact, is a part of Bozburun.

This village in Muğla province surprisingly reminds of Africa. Among its most striking details are giant carob and fig trees.

Marmaris Taşlıca Village, which is an old town, is spread over a wide area. There are historical ruins in the village. When you see the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and a Hellenistic temenos and tower, you will be amazed by the fact that there are many works to be examined.

Moreover, the stepped pyramid-shaped obelisks here are the oldest works; It has carried the history of a separate period to the village. Do not end your holiday by just sunbathing in the hotel or beach and going to entertainment venues at night. Visit this historical village and enjoy living Bozburun with every region.