Hatay historical and cultural tourism

Hatay is one of the oldest city of Turkey. Researchers, according to the information available, the city date of the region BC. They state that it dates back to the mid-paleolithic period, dating back to the hundreds of thousands of years, and states that this may extend up to 2.5 million years ago. It was obtained during the researches conducted in Altınözü, Şenköy, Antakya and Çevlik between 1954-1966 and it was founded in BC. The findings dated between 100000-40000 bear the characteristics of the middle paleolithic period.

This brief history makes this city very precious and takeover the attention towards hatay historical and cultural tourism fact.

Why Hatay historical and cultural tourism center of attraction?

Hatay is located on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, Hatay is known as the city of brotherhood. People from many cultures, civilizations and races live in the city as brothers and there are many important religious structures intertwined from church to mosque, from synagogue to cemevi.

You will also have the opportunity to try the flavor of the unique cultural dishes, which are famous for different tastes in the yearbook, where different cultures and beliefs coexist with hatay tours.

Places to visit during Hatay historical and cultural tourism

Where Unesco chooses a city of peace, do not end with counting, but if we count the most important and popular ones there are most preferred and worth to visit places as St. Pierre church, Hatay archeology museum, Beşikli cave, Titus Tunnel, Hıdırbey mosque tree, St. simeon monastery, guided mamamat hot springs, waterfall with gated doors, payas castle etc.

Our tour operators will give the historical brief to the tourist while waking through these places.

Shopping during Hatay historical and cultural tourism

long bazaar (uzun carsı) is known as the oldest bazaar of hatay. In Uzun Carsi, which is among the old Antakya houses, you can find everything you want from local products to jewelry, from clothing to souvenirs.