Turkey is a secret treasure for so many people, even for people living in Turkey. Whenever you visit Turkey or how many years you pass in Turkey doesn’t matter Turkey pulls something out of a hat and surprises you with a secret bay or a historical places like palaces, castles, mosques or churches. Lets say, you devote yourself to discover everywhere and spent years to go from Istanbul to Van or Trabzon to Antalya, Turkey is going to pull an Historical place from the sands of it and surprise you again.

If you want to discover the soul of Turkey, Faralya is cut out for you. Faralya is a bay with a thalasso which is so luminous that you can see the sands of the earth from a boat. In Perdue there is a bungalow where no one can see us from the bay. And in this place like from the heaven besides feeling like you are the only people living on earth once open a time like Adam and Eve, you are going to feel the luxury in the silence of nature. From the gap of tent canvas you are going to wake up to the best landscape of the earth.

There is going to be a boat reserved for you to travel along other bays whenever you want and a pool is going to be in your service to complete these opportunities who are already beyond the word of perfect. Sun everyday rises in every part of the world and every evening it goes to the unknown bournes. But when you experience the sun rise with your soul mate and have breakfeast under the first lights of the sun you will realize that you have never seen the sun rise, you all the stayed in the darkness of the daily routines of the world.