Cappadocia historical and cultural tourism

The entire history of Cappadocia, which is full of mysterious words and much more than the unknown, is actually a resultant civilization. About 60 million years ago, while Erciyes, Güllü Mountain and Hasan Mountain were active with disasters of volcanoes, the creation of this mysterious Cappadocia were laid with the lava they sprayed. It has taken its present form with the eroding of the rains and winds spanning for millions of years. Nature’s long labor has embroidered the region with fairy chimneys, almost like an embroidery.

Why choosing Cappadocia Historical Tourism

Most of the tourist coming from all over the World prefer to visit the Göreme Open Air Museum located in the Goreme Valley, formerly known as Korama today. Historical Tourism of Cappadocia contains various churches within the museums like, Elmalı Church, Saint Barbara Church, St. Basileus Church, Çarıklı Church, also the dining hall, kitchen, cellar, winery and Tokalı Church where the Bible is depicted from the ground up are among the places.

After the exploring the history of our guides with provide you a brief about wine cellars,  Mustafapaşa Village, where you will see the best site seeing examples of Greek architecture.

The Most Colorful Bazaars and Markets of Cappadocia to Shop

While exploring Cappadocia historical and cultural tourism shopping is the most import activity. You may find various pure handmade collection of tiny gas balloons gifts. Magnets magnets are also very diverse and can be bought to make your loved ones happy.

Apart from the historical and cultural tourism, the most memorable thing to do in Cappadocia is undoubtedly to fly over the Peri Bacaları with balloons at sunrise. It’s not even a single Cappadocia, all of Turkey’s most special experience.

One of the other important things that come to mind when you say Cappadocia is handicrafts. Here you can find and buy many products for pottery, pottery, ceramic and tile art. You can also watch the making of products in pottery workshops. Meanwhile, if you can see the women who worked on the patterns of tiles and ceramics.

Traditional Rugs, carpets, jewelry made of unique Stones which are only available in Cappadoca are the most demanding shopping materials.

If you are planning for Cappadocia historical and cultural tourism activities just explore our tour packages or contact our sales department. We would love to help you to make your dream tour come true.