Healt tourism in nowadays takes a bigger slice from the tourism cake and this opportunity to make much more profit in this job that needs so much experience and endeavor, attracts sloopy clinics and doctors to open new clinic branches. Like a mushroom’s reproduction in the rain, you can see aesthetic clinics on every corner. But these clinic beyond beautifying you look puts you in such a danger that you can lose your figure or suffer from such important diseases.

In our Quasar branch in Mecidiyeköy district of Istanbul, with full equipped substructure and professional and well known doctors you are going to feel yourself in a safe pair of hands. We don’t so much credentials or there is no need for so much advertisement, because if you are watching tv you must have seen Bülent Cihantimur’s aesthetic operations and all the phases of an operation. There is going to be the same concern on you when you arrive to our clinic. You are not a customer for us. You are a candidate of our proof that shows we make our job exact and literally. Running after the smile when you see yourself first time after the operation comprises our charge.

In our clinic you can select from one of the operation like hair transplantation, , Spider Web Aesthetic,Organic Hair Transplantation hair shedding and scalp’s treatments, laser treatments and laser epilation, ozone therapy, face rejuvenation, our last techniques, diet and healthy feeding, all techniques without any operations slimming and cellulite treatments.

There is and research and development center in our clinic that keeps us up to date in all kind of operations. All the new operations are examined and adopted by taking our patients health into consideration. For example dentistry and post bariatric operations are participated into our operation catalog.

You can visit the website; www.voyageelegante.com