Göbeklitepe mound, which is the highest hill of the Germuş Mountain Range in the northeast of Şanlıurfa, is in a position to dominate the Harran Plain with its 800-meter elevation. It is also possible to see the characteristics of Göbeklitepe, such as the fact that it is located in a high place, dominating its location, outside the settlements, in the temples of Mesopotamia, Anatolia and other cultures in the following periods. Because mankind has had a great admiration and respect for the sky since its existence. Since the mountains are the closest places to the sky, sometimes the place of the gods and sometimes it is considered sacred. You can witness the beauty of this place with Göbeklitepe tour. The world of rich and deep temples in Anatolia and Mesopotamia, It is not a coincidence that Göbeklitepe is built in a high position and magnificent outside the settlements.

Göbeklitepe temples are usually built in the form of a circle symbolizing eternity, unity and universe. There are many circle symbols on the rock surfaces in the temple area. It is possible to see the temple forms in the form of a circle in many temples built after Göbeklitepe.

The most striking structure of Göbeklitepe is the T-shaped steep stones made of monolithic stone with animal figures and abstract symbols embroidered with the relief technique. As a result of the geomagnetic surveys, more than two hundred steep stones were detected. An average of 3-5.5 meters in length and 10-15 tons in weight of one of these stones 7 meters in length and 50 tons in weight. God symbols resembling T-shaped obelisks are seen in Mesopotamian civilizations. This dates back to that period and made it possible to date the worshiped Gods and symbols.

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