The characteristic of Ayasofya is seen as a different value for people of every religion. It is also very important in terms of history. The building, which attracts the attention of visitors from all over the world as the Ayasofya Museum today, is probably the earliest dated structure that has survived in good condition in Istanbul. It was named as Megale Ekklesia. As of the 5th century, we know that this name has changed as Sophia. The church takes this name from Theia Sophia. But we know that its name continues to be called Megale Ekklesia among the Byzantine people. After 1453, the name of the building was changed a bit and it was reached to date. Its name is Ayasofya. Starting from the period when the building was built due to the richness of its ornaments since its first construction and its unusually large interior size, the magnificence of its high and wide dome, it continues to surprise all its visitor.

Ayasofya is the place where it was staged in many historical events. All figured ornaments between 726-842 were removed in Ayasofya. The church, which had a major fire in 859, will see the biggest destruction due to the earthquake in 869. The earthquake that happened in October 989, once again causes the destruction of the large central dome, except for many parts of the building. It has experienced many devastating events throughout history. You can take a close look at this date with the Ayasofya tour.

Architecture of Ayasofya

Christian religious architecture, we see the basilical plan as the most repeated building type ın early. However, there is another architectural type in religious architecture and it originates from Roman architecture. As the application area of this plan, which is called the central planned building plan, we generally see grave buildings and baths. As an example where these two opposite space installations are combined, the Ayasofya church was built in a plan called the domed basilica. You will have the opportunity to take a look at this architecture with the Ayasofya tour. Traveling will be useful for detailed information with the Ayasofya tour.